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Carlos Alfaro

Regional Representative

Mr. Alfaro has a long standing career of over 25 years representing national and multinational corporations, lending institutions and banks and in the financing of large infrastructure projects, from gas and oil pipelines, electric utilities, steel mill plants, ferroalloys, ferrous and steel furnaces, real state developments, export finance, hydro electrical projects, mining projects and road toll projects. Mr Alfaro has accumulated an invaluable knowledge that contributes to its proficiency and capability in legal practice in different economic and legal environments (inflation, hyperinflation, deflation, major devaluations, currency boards, etc.) in which risk allocation and protection, require legal, economic and political expertise.

Mr. Alfaro experience in international affairs is well recognized. He is member of the Advisory Board of the Council of the Americas, an institution founded by David Rockefeller. It's members are the main US corporations with investments in Latin America. He is chairman of the Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Section of International Law and Practice of the New York State Bar Association, vice president of the American Foreign Law Association and active member of the International Bar Association.

Mr. Alfaro's private practice expertise has been enhanced by his participation in major arbitration cases involving disputes arising out the construction of steel plants, furnaces, metals' exports, supply of machineries for oil exploration and contracts for export of oil products among European, American and Latin American companies or governments under the rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), UNCITRAL, ICC and others. He is member of the Advisory Board of the ITA, the Southwestern Legal Foundation and member of the panel of arbitrators of the AAA.

He has been  involved in project finance, telecommunication, airport privatization, aviation (regulatory issues, leasing and sale financing of aircraft, repossession, etc), securitization of assets and trade receivables, mergers and acquisitions, swaps and derivatives and international contracts.

Mr. Alfaro has written and lectured extensively on a variety of legal issues arising out of his public and private activities (see bio at He has also been a professor of Administrative Law, specializing in government concessions and contracts at the State and Catholic University of Buenos Aires. He holds a Masters in Comparative Law of New York University and is licensed as foreign legal consultant by the State of New York.

He is fluent in Spanish and English and has a written understanding of French and Italian

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