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Michelle Harper

Beauty/Fashion Branding and Business Strategy

Senior Beauty, Fashion, and Business Specialist with over 15 years of experience in launching brands, business strategy, marketing, communications, business development, digital and social strategy, and asset production/management.
Michelle is a skilled and dedicated professional adept in consulting, branding, marketing, and repositioning with expertise in the management of all company aspects from inception to closing, providing creative solutions and measurable results in every facet of development and execution. She founded and built an umbrella holding company from scratch to a multi-million dollar company at the age of 27 by leading the company teams in creative and practical capacities wearing many hats at once. Managed all investor relations. Worked on every aspect of the company deeply from marketing, development, design, production, sales strategies, financial and legal matters, and more.
Michelle is highly skilled at leading teams and participating in them as I find this to be crucial.
She has an exceptional eye for detail and she is driven by the goals, deadlines, and milestones set forth by the clients / company I work for.

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