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Violy Mccausland-Seve

Strategic M&A Advisory

Mrs. McCausland-Seve has been completing value-added transactions and providing advisory services for the past 40 years for her clients globally and particularly throughout Latin America, creating one of the most powerful networks in the industry.

She is recognized as one of the most successful bankers on Wall Street. In Latin America and Spain, she has pioneered privatizations, financial restructurings, and the return of companies to the global capital markets.  She has taken small companies and through creative cross border mergers & acquisitions, made them global players. Mrs. McCausland-Seve has personally led more than US$120 billion in successful transactions. She had especially deep expertise working with entrepreneurs, family owned, and multi-generational companies to engineer strategies that take into account both family demands and strategic longevity.  

Violy has earned accolades from Harvard’s Business School which employs specific case studies of Violy’s deals highlighting her success in using creative approaches and solutions to clients' strategic challenges. None of these deals were easy: Each deal was completed with persistence and a belief that each transaction was the right one for the client. For this reason, Harvard has chosen to use Violy’s deals as case studies.

Early on, Mrs. McCausland believed that companies, whether they were based in Mexico, Spain or the U.S., faced similar challenges of scale and global competitiveness.  She was the first to complete consolidations in various industries, placing her clients as top tier global players. In categories as distinct as beverage, cement and finance,  Violy created the roadmap that brought her clients into the top 10 global companies in their sector. She did this at a time when capital markets were essentially closed to Latin companies. She created and led the first advisory group to provide support and advice to Latin companies in private debt restructuring. She devised the first return to the global debt and equity markets by Latin companies.  She led the  team for the largest M&A defense takeover at the time. In one of her most famous "firsts",  Violy created and implemented the iconic strategy in which a national softdrink bottler switched brands overnight from Pepsi to Coca Cola, which she subsequently merged with Panamco creating the largest global Coca Cola bottler in the world at the time.

Prior to establishing Violy & Co., she founded Violy, Byorum & Partners (VB&P) in 1996.  The first boutique headed by two women focused principally on Latin American and Ibero-American mergers and acquistions, while still incorporating projects in the US and Canada. Prior to VB&P, in 1990 she served as a Partner at James D. Wolfensohn Inc. (the former President of the World Bank), and developed the firm’s Latin American practice.  Her success was acclaimed in 1995 by Global Finance, which named her its Latin American Superstar. Mrs. McCausland-Seve started her career at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company in 1978, where she rose to become Managing Director in less than six years, leading the Latin American Restructuring Advisory, Latin American Credit Analysis and finally,  JPMorgan's Global Mergers & Acquisitions department.  

Mrs. McCausland-Seve has served on the Investment Committee of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, The New York Latin Media & Entertainment Committee, The Board of The City Center, The Board of Advisors at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and The Board of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce. She was a Director of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce’s Northeast Chapter. She was a founder of the Millennium board for Colombia’s former President, Andres Pastrana, and the former President, Alvaro Uribe. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees of The Carnegie Council, Casita Maria, she is the President of the North American Chapter of UN Sponsored Women Together, and serves on the board of Pamar.

Additionally, Mrs. McCausland-Seve has been awarded a Fulbright Honor, the Casita Maria Gold Medal, the AID for AIDS My Hero Award, the Women Together Award, and received a recognition by the former President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo for her contribution in the Council of Advisors for the Mexican-American Culture, and an AESE recognition for her training of young people in finance.

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