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Manuel Gomez-Rubio

Swiss Representative

Manuel Gomez Rubio represents New York Bay Capital in Switzerland.  Based in Zurich, Manuel has a 40-year career spanning finance and banking internationally, first in Mexico with Bank of America, and in Switzerland since 1988 at Chase, UBS and Credit Suisse.  Currently and since 2008, Manuel serves as Managing Director at Horizon Asset Management, a leading investment advisory company.  He is an expert in investment management, particularly in critical metals mining, decarbonization, precious metals and emerging markets investments.

Manuel holds a CFA, has an executive degree from Harvard Business School, an MBA from City University in Zurich, and is a Mexican CPA, having obtained his degree in accountancy from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey.  Manuel has also been a professor at The European University and City University, with teaching experience in Monaco, Zug, Basel, Frankfurt and Zurich.  He obtained a Professor of the Year award at City University in 1994.  Manuel is also a published author.

Notably, Manuel has received awards in public speaking, at the Swiss Championship of Public Speaking (first place, 2007) and the European Championship of Public Speaking (first place, 2007, second place 2004).  Manuel is fluent in German, has dual Mexico-Swiss nationality and is a proud father of three.

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