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Montserrat Díaz

M&A Management Consultant

Montserrat possesses a degree and professional license and more than 10 years of relevant consultant experience. 

Mrs. Díaz was conferred the Degree of International Business Administration by Universidad Panamericana.  International Business Administration is a multidisciplinary field that includes a combination of techniques to develop and apply innovative and competitive strategies in order to achieve product and service positioning in international markets, tools for quantitative and qualitative analyses, the elements and tools to evaluate international project viability and effective application of commercial and negotiation strategies, operation, planning and production development within organizations, as well as mathematical tools for resource optimization, tools to start up or manage any business with international operations, to detect opportunities overseas for purchase or sale of products and services, to analyze the economic, political, social and cultural situation of different countries and regions, and to become involved in all the processes of negotiation.

Before joining Nybay, Montserrat was employed in Mexico for consultant firm PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

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