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Marcello Stewers

Marcello Stewers

Brazil Country Head

Marcello Stewers is NYBAY’s representative in Brazil; he is based in Sao Paulo.  Marcello began his professional career in 1989, establishing his first factoring company, Finanperson Factoring Ltd., specializing in small and medium-sized receivables transactions.  He later acquired or founded several companies, including a benefit card company, another factoring company, Morita Factoring Ltda., and a trading company.

Marcello spent 12 years at the head of one of the largest textile companies in the world, TEKA S.A., a publicly traded company listed on the Bovespa excahnge, operating in several countries.  He was a Board member, the CFO, and finally the CEO. 

In 2014 he founded a financial consultancy, Cruz Alta Investimentos, with Brazilian bankers, specializing in corporate restructuring, which has accumulated more than 20 successful restructurings.  In addition, he participates as a shareholder in eight other family businesses in various fields of activity, including the Black River consultancy, with which he has carried out more than 90 restructurings with his team.

Marcello has a degree in Mechanical Production Engineering from Universidade Vale dos Sinos, and another in Civil Engineering and Tourism from Blumenau Furb.

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