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Pedro Albín

Regional Representative

Pedro Albín has worked in several areas of the financial sector:  he served as manager of the World Corporation Group in Citibank; as Director of Credit for the regional division of Banamex, where he was responsible for the credit analysis and financing of all of Banamex’ agricultural business, and as Director of M&A in Operadora de Bolsa. 

He was Managing Director of Constructora Del Valle del Fuerte, a mid-sized construction company in Mexico working for PEMEX (built four 0.5 mm bbl storage tanks in Dos Bocas, Tabasco, the offshore oil terminal in Mexico), CFE (built dams and water channels) and real estate development of residential subdivisions in Mexico, Texas and California.  He was also a Director of Mexico’s second largest coffee grower, 650 has in Puebla State, Mexico.  Both these were family business.

He now heads a financial consulting firm specialized in the energy and real estate sectors.  Amongst the most representative transactions are the structuring of equity and debt for the Torre Mayor, for the Antara Shopping Center, for oil storage tanks (in Dos Bocas), undersea pipeline laying and service ships for Pemex contractors. 

Pedro received an MS in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis.

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