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Rodolfo Moseres

Regional Representative

New England educated in Business with a Masters in Law and Diplomacy (Boston University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy), with living experience in half a dozen world cities, Rodolfo has an extensive career in international trade and investment advisory. He has occupied positions from trade negotiator in Geneva to the World Trade Organization, to Trade Advisor to several Colombian Ministers including President Juan Manuel Santos. For President Alvaro Uribe he was the key person in Canada to promote and obtain a Free Trade Agreement and promote Canadian direct investments where he pioneered the attraction of Canadian banks, airlines, private equity and pension funds’ investments into Colombia. For NYBAY Capital he has participated in restructuring capital and procuring investments in sectors such as renewable energy generation projects in Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and Canada.


As a Founding partner at EQ Foundation in Toronto, he promotes economic development projects that take into consideration four key elements including Cultural, Social, Environmental and Economic Indicators, which must remain in equilibrium to achieve the highest possible results, while upholding the dignity and independence of the communities he works with.  Rodolfo, in essence, is a seasoned Diplomat-Trade and Investment Warrior with a passion for philanthropy.

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